• SIOP ASIA 2020

Prof. Akira Nakagawara

Dr. Akira Nakagawara graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine in 1972. During his medical student days, he decided his life work as to elucidate the molecular and genetic mechanism of spontaneous regression of neuroblastoma. He worked as a pediatric surgeon for 14 years before moving to the genetic and genomic researcher of neuroblastoma. He was trained and learned at the Rockefeller University, NY, the Washington University, St. Louis, and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. He was appointed to be the Director of Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute in 2004, President of Chiba Cancer Center in 2009, CEO of Saga Medical Center KOSEIKAN in 2014, and CEO of Saga HIMAT Foundation in 2015. Ha has successfully elucidated molecular and genetic mechanism of neuroblastoma, especially of spontaneous regression of the tumor.

Major appointments: President of the Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Association (ANRA; 2003-2006), Continental President of Asia, International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP; 2010-2015), President of Japan Neuroblastoma Study Group (JNBSG; 2012-2016), and a founding member of Japan Children’s Cancer Group (JCCG; 2014~).

Major Awards: Audrey Evans Prize (ANR; 2000), Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Prize (2008), Japan Cancer Association Prize (2013), Prince Hitachi Prize for Comparative Oncology (2018), and Lifetime Achievement Award (ANRA; 2018).

Chairman of the Congress: 21st Congress of Japan Society of Pediatric Oncology (JSPO2005 Utsunomiya), 8th ANR2008 (Chiba), 2nd Japan-China Cancer Research Symposium (2012; Chiba), 6th International p63p73 Workshop (2013; Chiba), 50th SIOP2018 (Kyoto) and International Society of Ion Therapy (ISIT2018; Saga).